‘That Lady Thing’ Is A Platform For Social Change

Imagine if the Museum of Ice Cream actually served up social change instead of just social media moments. That’s the idea behind That Lady Thing, the tongue-in-cheek gender equality-focused experiential art installation that debuted in SF last year to huge acclaim and coverage by Forbes, The Guardian, and others. The organizers went for a second round on the recent International Women’s Day March 8 – 10, this time at The Phoenix Hotel run by visionary hotelier and designer Liz Lambert.

Created by Creative Director Jamie Shaw and women-owned agency Cogs & Marvel, this year’s event featured a host of artists and offered  over a dozen unique experiences. The plan is to use this installation as a growing platform for social change. Also, a portion of ticket and merchandise sales are donated to women’s organizations including the National Women’s Law Center. Seemingly superficial Instagram playgrounds can make them effective vehicles for social/political movements.
Among the latest exhibits …
• Raise Her Up, a seesaw of power dynamics with a backdrop by Danna G. Windsor aka Cult of Dang
• Smells Like Toxic Masculinity, a scratch and sniff wallpaper display by Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper
• The Pink Tax, a game show activation designed and created by Designsake
• The Wallflowers, self-aware selfie backdrops: All Women & Lift by  Katie Mullins Boys Will Be Bingo and Hoops by Adriana del Mar, Money Fan and Climb by Flavia Gonzalez
• The Shamebooth, brainchild of artist and interventionist Paula Williams

Photo credit: Lyola Rowe Photo