Thinkso Branding Distinguishes Choate Businesses

After redesigning Choate’s law firm website, Thinkso turned its attention to rebranding their investment advisory and to developing a new website for it. Federal regulations mandate that the two businesses operate independently, and that their names and trade dress be distinct from one another. Thus, Thinkso designed a brand identity that dovetails but appropriately contrasts with the law firm identity, introduced a new symbol evoking financial growth, and reskinned a number of the templates developed for the law firm website to save time and reduce costs.


The logotype uses the line lengths of the three words in the company name to create a graph motif. Combined with the emerald colorway, which is a reference to their sustainable investing approach, it also suggests financial growth in a more general sense. Another small detail:  saddled with the acronym (CIA), Thinkso introduced an alternate nickname (ChoateIA) with the same number of syllables and created a secondary logotype for it.