Crunch Time For Tropicana and Cramer-Krasselt

Traditionally, cereal has been a partner of milk; however, according to research commissioned by Tropicana, 15 million Americans (including Milton Kaye, GDUSA founder) have tried their breakfast bowl with orange juice. For increased efficiency in one’s morning routine, the juice brand, with help from independent advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt Chicago, has concocted Tropicana Crunch, the first cereal created specifically to soak in orange juice.

Half of those who’d combined juice and cereal did so because they thought it looked like a tasty creation and more than a third did it out of love for OJ. It is those people who are the impetus for Tropicana Crunch. The granola-based breakfast was formulated to combat orange juice’s high acidity that would cause other cereals to go soggy faster than in milk. Tropicana Crunch’s sweetness is supposed to balance the tart taste of the fruit. The box of honey almond clusters also comes equipped with a paper straw to sustainably sip the orange dregs.

The cereal will not be hitting store shelves, but orange juice enthusiasts can log onto the campaign’s website on May 4, National Orange Juice Day, for a chance to claim a box of the limited supply. Tropicana Crunch isn’t the brand’s first morning-optimizing product. Last year, it unveiled a toothpaste that wouldn’t soil the juice’s taste if consumed after your morning brush.