Venerable Firm Rebrands As Goldstein Group Branding

Practicing What They Preach

Founded in 2005 by design strategist and industry leader, Terri Goldstein, The Goldstein Group has provided a suite of design services from industrial to graphic design based on a proprietary methodology that capitalizes on consumer’s sequence of cognition when shopping in stores and online. This understanding underpinned every project and brought success to recognizable brands owned by clients from Bayer to Carmex.

After 16 years of operating in New York City, the firm has rebranded as Goldstein Group Branding (GBB) and launched a new logo, website, partner network and focus. “We remain committed to our founding principles — strategic consumer-centric design solutions — now we’re practicing what we preach and evolving our own brand towards a more modern impression” said Terri Goldstein, Founder and CEO.

A Specialization in Wellness, OTC and Rx-to-OTC

Goldstein Group Branding is exclusively specializing in Wellness, OTC and Rx-to-OTC Switch brands, a shift that fits right in with the company’s expertise says CFO and Partner Carl Andress. “Our unofficial focus has long been consumer healthcare, an industry that requires careful design due to stiff competition and the FDA, now we’re living into our knowledge and experience to provide specialized services to consumer healthcare companies.” GGB works hand in hand with marketing, manufacturing, legal and regulatory departments to ensure brands speak to consumers and pass the FDA.

The company’s own design philosophy was applied to the redesign, explains Claudia Arisso, Creative Director and Partner. “As with every design project, we dissected our logo into its component parts — colors, shapes, symbols and words. This is the order people perceive visual information and optimizing each step is important whether it’s a package on a shelf or our own brand identity.” Goldstein Group Branding elevates the company’s long-standing green, modernizes the color and uses a familiar circle shape that is a subtle nod to a pill.

“One of the most important changes was our name,” said Josh Perkins, Communications Director. “We want to make it very clear what we do. The age of being mistaken for a lawyer or a hedge fund is over,” he continued.

Intelligence Made Visual™

After a year of working from home, the company is returning to their offices in midtown Manhattan with  the new name, new identity and a renewed vision for the future. The spirit is captured in a new positioning line: “Intelligence Made Visual.” Notes Terri Goldstein: “We encourage everyone to visit our new website to see our body of work and our innovative services.”