Walmart Goes Omni Shopping

Landor & Fitch Design ‘Time Well Spent’ Experience

Walmart has unveiled its signature experience ‘Time Well Spent,’ the second phase of a new store design and digital shopping experience to help customers better navigate the omni shopping experience. During the height of COVID, Walmart partnered with Landor & Fitch to create and launch the first phase of the store redesign, focused on navigation and wayfinding. With over 1,000 Walmart stores renovated with this new design, the company teamed up with Landor & Fitch once again to amplify the physical, human, and digital design elements in stores to inspire customers and elevate the store experience.

“The strategy behind ‘Time Well Spent’ is anchored in its ability to crack the code between fulfillment and inspiration,” said Michelle Fenstermaker, Strategy Director North America for Landor & Fitch. “Creatively, we set out to wow customers with easy, quick visual connections to products in context, while also making it super convenient to fulfill those routine items on their lists. The result is an elevated experience that puts the customer in control of how they spend their time in stores, while maintaining our differentiated value proposition.” Key design updates include lighting, space and displays at the corners of certain departments meant to pull customers in and help them touch, feel, and become part of the space – a living room or bedroom set up where the customer can squeeze a throw pillow or feel a blanket, then find those items onsite to purchase and take home, or order them online.

QR codes and digital screens create opportunities for digital exploration. For instance, in the Pets area, a customer may scan the QR code to find additional dog bed options, learn about Walmart’s pet insurance service options or have a 20-pound bag of kibble delivered to their door. “It’s an omni world and the future of Walmart is heavily dependent on connecting the dots between online and offline,” adds Fenstermaker. “Our strategic and creative work views the stores as access points where we bring to life the power of Walmart’s breadth and depth as being more than what’s physically in front of customers.”

Adds Alvis Washington, vice president of store design, innovation and experience at Walmart: “After receiving positive feedback to our initial redesign phase in 2020, we were eager to build upon those improvements to create an even more inspirational store experience. For this phase, our team was hyper-focused on amplifying the physical, human and digital design elements in our stores to inspire customers and elevate the in-store shopping experience. One of our greatest assets is our stores, and we’re using powerful design elements to show off amazing products that excite our customers so that when they see the value, they are proud of their choice and purchase from Walmart.”