Jessica Walsh Brands Virtual Community

&Walsh, the design firm recently launched by Jessica Walsh, has developed the branding, strategy & merch for the female-owned SuperShe brand. SuperShe started as a women’s only private island — a place where women could find community, form bonds and lift each other up. Quickly, SuperShe’s founder realized that a private island would be inaccessible to many women so she decided to bring the community onto an app to build a virtual community.


Inspired by the protest posters from women’s marches throughout history, &Walsh developed a custom brush font designed especially for SuperShe.


They developed a tone of voice that celebrates every type of woman, sending the message that there’s no one you “should be” in this community. Be a girl boss, travel the world & wear your nightly face masks.

To express the idea that women don’t have to be defined one way, &Walsh created merch sets that celebrate the yin & yang of typical mantras you hear in women’s communities. This strategy invites women to embrace the many versions of themselves, without ever prescribing one way to be. &Walsh specifically designed SuperShe products that make no false claims to create honest communication in a market saturated with fluff. When the brand is not B.S., you can be no B.S.


SuperShe Island is a female-owned private island, exclusively for women, located off the coast of the Baltic Sea. The island is administratively located in the town of Raseborg, Finland, while the community is global through an app available for purchase.