Warner Bros. Discovery Embraces Shield

Warner Bros. Discovery is now one of the “big four” alongside Amazon, Netflix, and Disney. The newly formed company combines WarnerMedia’s entertainment, sports, and news assets with Discovery’s non-fiction and international entertainment and sports businesses. The goal with the merger was to establish a creative powerhouse that builds on its history as well as its vision for the future.

Venerable brand design firm Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv wanted the new identity to reflect this goal. A distillation of the classic 1948 Warner Bros. shield, the updated mark features reductive geometry, streamlined curves, and bright colors. Reimagining the shield from its original three-dimensional rendering involved redrawing it from scratch, equalizing the weight of the W and B letterforms with the stroke of the encasing shield shape.

The sans serif, all-capital letters forming the wordmark have been drawn to accentuate the pointed terminals – not only in the straight-angle letters such as the N and the W but also in the terminals of the round C and S. The legs of the four Rs in the name have been extended, creating additional angular details throughout the name. The character of the wordmark resonates with the pointed details of the modernized shield.



“The Warner Bros. Discovery identity represents excellence in storytelling,” said David Leavy, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Warner Bros. Discovery. “With great reverence to the heritage of Warner Bros., our mark is the perfect banner for our new company.”