Pentagram Rebrands The Knot Wedding Website

If you’ve gotten married in the past two decades, chances are you’ve used The Knot to plan your wedding. According to the site, eight in 10 couples use the platform to plan their celebrations. Pentagram has collaborated with The Knot on its first rebranding, refreshing the visual identity with a new logo and color palette that reflect a broader and more inclusive sensibility. The new identity centers around an energetic, informal signature and the introduction of a striking red that is assertive, passionate and part of an expanded palette that opens the brand to more varied expressions across its different platforms.


A supporting vocabulary of graphic elements was derived from the loops and arcs of The Knot signature. The repertoire of forms isolates enlarged details of the wordmark― cropped strokes, ligatures and ascenders of letterforms ― for use as background shapes or frames for photography, creating a cohesive experience across the brand.


Pentagram partner Abbott Miller explains that the look is intended to be more modern, playful, spontaneous and unisex, breaking out of traditional wedding signifiers in order to appeal to a wider audience and to convey a mission that supports all couples and their weddings, regardless of style, culture, sexual orientation, scale or budget. Working with Miller on the project at Pentagram: Chase Body, Pragun Agarwal and Kim Walker.