Keeping The Magic In Cannabis Marketing

San Francisco Bay Area cannabis products company Lola Lola has developed a brand strategy and package design concepts aimed at modernizing the California cannabis industry while focusing on the creative and magical attributes of the flower, says company cofounder Michael Garganese Jr. The brand is sold in more than 80 different medical cannabis dispensaries, and the company is preparing for growth as the state’s recreational cannabis industry comes online in January 2018. Garganese said. “While we think it’s important to educate consumers about medical discoveries, we don’t want to lose the magic.”



Branding and package design were developed in partnership with RADbranding of Portland OR and Sydney AUS, who, while acknowledging medicinal qualities, played upon the “magical” qualities of cannabis. Costa Rican artist Diego Vargas was assigned to create magical Lolalandia illustrations featuring more thank 100 characters, 15 unique “species,” and a mystical landscape spanning space, sky, land and sea. “We want to build a lasting relationship with Lola Lola’s customers,” RADbranding co-founder and brand strategist Ashley Bernatchez said. “We do that by providing clear information, smart packaging and fun retail experiences.”


Packaging and point-of-purchase design is whimsical, and the company hopes its modern aesthetic, with honeycomb wall-mounted, standalone and countertop displays, will not only showcase product, but also help customers learn more about cannabis and its inherent magic. A 40-foot Wanderlodge bus, a moving mural that can currently be found trekking California highways and will stop at music festivals this summer, for which the company is developing 3D and augmented reality experiences to activate the plant’s magic.