Landor Identity Captures Human Conversation

Genesys, a leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, partnered with global brand strategy and design firm Landor to help reinvigorate its brand following its acquisition of Interactive Intelligence.


Landor crafted a new identity and visual system, tagline, brand manifesto, and brand video to capture the adaptability and fluidity of human conversation. Born of three rounded forms that converge to create an abstract lowercase “g,” the Genesys name is reinforced while communicating openness and warmth.


The new tagline — Moments connected — speaks to the seamless and intuitive connections required to deliver customer engagement.  Mark Frankel, Landor San Francisco’s executive creative director, explained: “Genesys is a company pushing boundaries in the world of customer experience solutions. Its new identity needed to be iconic, digital, and expressive, while bringing Genesys and Interactive Intelligence together into a unified brand.”