Landscape Radiates Warmth For Cookma

Chatham: Investment In Design Is Essential

West Coast start-up Cookma, which offers a meal delivery service and a product line for parents to inspire a cycle of deeper self-care, has launched with a brand identity designed by San Francisco-based brand strategy and design studio Landscape. Founded by entrepreneur Lisa Chatham, Cookma is rooted in Ayurveda and traditional wisdom and aims to be the premium yet pragmatic choice for mindful parents interested in postpartum wellness.

For Chatham, design had to be part of the business from the foundation stage, which meant establishing an authentic, extensible Cookma brand from the company’s inception.“I previously spent 12 years building a 4 million-dollar business ªGreen Heart Foods‚, but without much thought to brand identity, with no plan, structure, strategy, messaging,” she explains. “I wanted Cookma to have the focus, the guide rails, the ability to grow that a good brand identity can provide. Investment in design was something I felt was essential.”

Visually, the brand has been designed to exude warmth. Mackenzie Brookshire, Landscape Creative Director says, “An earthy color palette complemented by a system of radiating glows, timeless photography, tactile materials, and richly toned photography – these elements harmonize together to convey the feeling of inner warmth and joy Cookma seeks to nourish in these early, intimate moments of new parenthood.” Cookma’s primary brand color palette was largely inspired by Chatham’s approach to cooking – rich with spices and plants that combine to nourish and restore warmth to the body. Brookshire describes the brand as “an intimate and tactile experience that invites a sense of calm, warmth, joy, and a love of learning more about your body and motherhood.”