Lippincott Evolves Better Homes & Gardens For New Generation

In the 94 years since Better Homes & Gardens first debuted, the context has radically changed from a magazine brand with a handful of related books to a highly complex system of digital, social and mobile platforms as well as a broad based global licensing program. To revitalize the magazine for a new generation, and unify the identity across channels, Lippincott was tasked with imagining the iconic logo as a more modern and simplified expression — and doing so in a way that would appeal to millennials without alienating the core readership. The design had previously developed the identity for parent company Meredith.


The solution:  gently evolve the brand so as not to jeopardize the equity but simplify it so it worked on all platforms and extensions. Central to the update is the return of the ampersand as a visual cue, which was used prior to World War II and before the magazine shifted to emphasize the post-war “home” element in the name.


For the design system, Lippincott created a toolkit that captured the spirit of the magazine while providing the flexibility to adapt across all of the Better Homes & Gardens platforms. The system also reinforces their positioning, Life in Color, while bringing through the characteristics of the magazine — everyday, personal, authentic. The logo debuts with the January 2017 issue of the magazine and rolls out across digital assets in the coming months.