Michelin Man Gets Lean and Mobile

Tire and travel services company Michelin is releasing two new logos this summer. The goal: a new visual identity that waves to the past but points to the future. One way the logo is evolving is to move from its two-decade flirtation with 3D to a slimmer 2D version that is “more coherent with digital media and easier to use,” in addition to returning to an outline and a wordmark. This particular iteration serves as the corporate brand identity; another symbol will be released later this summer for the company’s tire sales and other customer-facing services.


Michelin explains: “Svelte and active, the guardian angel of motorists appears to be on the move” and “shows that Michelin’s purpose remains the same: a company on the move that is proud of its past, living in the present and focused on the future.” As for its reference to the future, Michelin reports that it is working to reduce its environmental footprint due to the suitability and durability of its tires, as well as using its travel-advice business to help people optimize their “mobility experiences” through gourmet dining, tourism and “intinerary selection.”