Mother Design Prepares Smiley Fork Logo For Cultivated Meat Pioneer

Carving Out An Industry

Cultivated meat lives in a brand category that, at present, is largely notional. Barriers like cost-effectiveness, scalability, and cultural skepticism have largely kept lab-grown meat products from gaining any sort of traction in the mainstream — despite a longstanding place in the sustainable food conversation. Fork & Good is pioneering the way meat is cultivated at scale and paving the path forward for the new industry to thrive. With a primary focus on ground pork — the most consumed animal protein on Earth — Fork & Good mainly partners with food trucks and fast casual establishments, with offerings that include tacos, dumplings, gyoza, meatballs, and more of the world’s most universally loved cuisines.



Created by Mother Design, the company’s new identity encapsulates the idea of infinite possibilities and accessibility for any cuisine, all meals. The new  identity will live on the company’s website, packaging, social media channels, new office, and lab (wall signage and lab coats). For the wordmark and logo, Mother Design studied brands with mass appeal and found inspiration in traditional butcher shop signage. The curvature of the mark emulates the characteristic cutout in its new “Smiley Fork” logo, and both curve and cutout smile express living, dynamic variations in both motion and static use cases.


What’s more, the same cutout informs the “bowl” device in its graphic system — the two-dimensional container for meal variations photographed in high contrast —  and, paired with chopsticks found in the negative space between the fork’s tines, further represents the universality inherent to the brand’s DNA. The system is rounded out by repetitive, food-wrapper-like patterns and a vibrant color palette of bright red, cool dijon, deep eggplant, and other delicious tones that are appetizing and timeless.