Brand Union Freshens Up Absolut Vodka

New York NY/Stockholm Sweden

The Absolut Vodka bottle has been a center of attention since its introduction in 1979. Now it has been refreshed, under the leadership of Brand Union, to feature an updated two line logo, a new script, a redesigned medallion, reduced glass weight and a new brand signifier. Most notably, the iconic shape of the bottle has been tweaked to have more clearly defined shoulders, a straightened neck and body, and a flattened bottom. The simplified logo is complemented by a symbol at the back — “A.” — to serve as a new shorthand for the Absolut brand. Creatives behind the redesigned bottle are calligrapher Luca Barcellona and illustrator/engraver Martin Morck. At Brand Union, Executive Creative Director is Mattias Lindstedt. And at Absolut, Peder Clason is Global Brand Strategy Director while Caroline Mornas is Global Design Strategy Manager.