New SYFY Identity Renews Commitment To Genre

Creative branding agency Loyalkaspar teamed with SYFY to create an updated visual identity for the network, including logo, typeface and look across all linear, digital, social and experiential platforms. Taking an editorial-first approach, Loyalkaspar helped to bring the network’s new brand filter and strategic point of view to life, renewing SYFY’s commitment to fandom and the sci-fi genre at large.  SYFY is a network of NBCUniversal.




“With SYFY shifting their focus to a round the clock spotlight on all things genre, the convergence of strategy and design became the center of the network’s POV,” Loyalkaspar Executive Creative Director Daniel Dörnemann explains. “It was a ‘personality-first’ approach, editorializing through voice and messaging and also giving the brand a clear visual voice. We created a simple, consistent system that incorporates extreme flexibility to let the message take center stage and drive decisions.”