Noom Logo Navigates To Better Health

A Modern Interpretation Of The Compass

Noom has a new brand identity via design studio Gretel.  Noom identified an opportunity to create an ownable and distinctive identity system that accentuated its values and mission, while paving the way for new opportunities. To that end, Gretel uncovered a key creative insight: that navigating healthier day-to-day, meal-to-meal, and moment-to-moment choices is essential to Noom’s success. To demonstrate this visually, Gretel created a dynamic interpretation of a compass – a physical representation of the brand’s essence – and a guide for Noom.



The logo is made up of two parts: a custom-crafted wordmark and a symbol that comes to life in motion; it can transition back and forth between the two states to build recognizability to the symbol. Moreover, the logo’s take on a compass gave the brand’s identity clear behaviors and directives, while the design system itself formed as a series of pathways and guides, that helped to reinforce the concept of navigation throughout. These core brand behaviors helped create a living identity that was unique to the category.



Gretel also chose a series of color palettes take cues from rich shades of natural fruits and vegetables, to lush landscapes and soothing textures. A collection of graphic markers were designed to guide the viewer’s eye, and a robust layout system informs how every element from photography to messaging works together. Finally, the design firm also devised a collage approach and guidelines for construction to create illustrations for Noom’s psychology-backed curriculum, which is leveraged within the new app and website designs.


Credits at Gretel include: Strategy Director Daniel Edmundson; Creative Director: Sue Murphy; Sr. Project Manager Kerry Griner; Lead Strategist Anna Schneider-Mayerson; Jr. Strategist Nathan Frisch; Executive Creative Director Ryan Moore; Sr. Designer Colin Kinsley; Designer/Animator Justin Au; Animator Cyrus Cumming; Writer Marisa Aveling; Associate Creative Director Matt Delbridge; and Director of Operations Larissa Marquez.

At Noom, credits go to: VP, Brand Marketing Lella Rafferty; Global Executive Strategy Director Will Burroughs; Global Executive Creative Director Zaid Al-Asady; Creative Director Kacey Coburn; Brand Design Director Able Parris; Head of Creative Operations Rachel Cusack and Sr. Project Manager Anne Cassard.