OAAA and Partners + Napier Promote The Vote With Positive Message

The OAAA, together with Partners + Napier, has taken up the cause of voter registration in a timely and edgy out of home (OOH) public service campaign. The mission is to take the negative connotation out of labels like “gun-loving” “fascism-hating” “gay” and “straight,” which have been fueling conversation during this year’s Presidential campaign, into something more positive: Voter Registration. The campaign reminds Americans that while all labels matter, only one label counts on Election Day: Voter. The campaign follows on the heels of the OAAA’s “Feel the Real” ad campaign, which took on ad fraud.


The program is blanketing Times Square supported with OOH ads covering billboards, bus shelters, subway cars and more throughout New York City. Ads are launching in key markets throughout the fall, including cities hosting presidential debates. Copy directs viewers to VoteToCount.com where they can access their state’s voter registration pages. An interactive label generator allows visitors to choose their own labels, showcasing what they value and believe, and share on social media. The ads utilize a combinations of labels representing the incredible diversity of the American electorate and send a message that while we can proudly own all of these labels as Americans, we must elevate them to a place of impact at the polls. An animation of the work in Times Square is running on the NASDAQ and Thompson Reuters Digital Spectaculars.

Credits for OAAA’s “Vote to Count” campaign include:  Account Directors: Luke Madden, Matt Dowshen. Account Team: Elizabeth Meny, Harrison Neuman. Project Manager: Melissa Smith. Strategy: Ted Florea. Copywriter: Matt Palmer. Art director: Gretchen Bye Creative director: Pete VonDerLinn. PR: Becca Bellush. Social Media: Lydia de Martino. Design: Tyler Furstoss, Talo Kawasaki. Web: Geoff Harris, Marco Fesyuk, Andy Rose, Lia Abbott. Proofreader: Erin Dwyer.