Pearlfisher Adds Adventure To Trump SoHo Cocktail Lounge

Pearlfisher has branded Trump SoHo® New York’s newest cocktail lounge, Mr. Jones. When it came to opening the new cocktail lounge, the objective was to create an experience that immersed patrons in the mystique of a world traveler. Pearlfisher stepped in to create a distinct brand; the idea manifested from the concept of Mr. Jones, a man of impeccable taste and an avid explorer, “a figurative gentleman whose charm and generosity is matched only by his elusiveness.” The challenge for Pearlfisher’s Design studio was how to create a 360-degree brand world experience for the cocktail lounge, bringing Mr. Jones to life as an emblem for travel and adventure to complement Trump’s existing hospitality portfolio.


The result: a stamp-like mark suggestive of this illusive character. Built around clean lines and midcentury modern aesthetic, the brand world is more effusive, filled with energetic flourishes and a provocative tone of voice. As travel is an essential equity of the Mr. Jones brand and Trump Soho’s guests, Pearlfisher created collateral to support the brand story, providing guests with stamped drink tickets, commemorative coins and a menu full of premium spirits and cocktails from around the world.



Pearlfisher Creative Director Hamish Campbell comments, “The new identity is all about introducing guests to the world of Mr. Jones, one of mystery and exploration, represented by a portfolio of comprehensive touch points, each teasing out different elements of his adventures, creating an air of sophistication and mystery that guests can escape to.”