Relaxing Retro Colors Pitch Baseball Nostalgia

Vincent Romeo is in it for the love of the game … and his appreciation of a design challenge. A lifelong baseball fan and veteran art director/designer created the colorful marks, background art, tags and pattern art emblazoned on everything related to the recently concluded Major League Baseball Spring Training 2017.


The images appeared on player uniforms, team programs, caps, outfield walls, bases, shirts, backpacks, team websites and, of course, baseballs. Romeo, who heads the Romeo + Co. design firm of New York and Florida, has worked with MLB since 1990 and previously created the art/branding for Opening Day 2006 and the Subway Series between the Yankees and Mets, as well as numerous commemorative team patches.


For the Spring Training project, MLB requested three concepts and ultimately chose the one called “Team Batterton” concept that is said to reflect the essence of summer camp, a tradition quite like baseball. From the arrow signage to the patches to the retro palette, Romeo’s goal was to touch on the emotions of returning to summer camp, with the anticipation, camaraderie, friendship, challenges and skills one experiences, each year.


“The relaxing retro colors were extremely important for me in establishing a sense of nostalgia and also a sense of joy,” Romeo said. “Every game I attend brings me back to being a kid at Yankee Stadium and watching a doubleheader with my Dad and brother. These spring training designs are meant to bring everyone who sees them back to their own favorite nostalgic baseball moments, even as they make new moments and memories with their loved ones.”