Safari Sundays Sea Salt Branding Respects The Elements

Safari Sundays has rebranded Amagansett Sea Salt, including brand story, messaging, logo design, packaging design, and new product formulation. No ordinary salt, Amagansett Sea Salt is hand harvested and sun-dried in small batches, it is the direct result of one man’s commitment to harnessing nature in a traditional manner. Safari Sundays is “a NYC/LA based branding boutique in the business of food and drink.”


“The beauty of Amagansett Sea Salt is not its traditional process,” says Chief Strategy Officer, Georgia Levison, “but rather, the brand’s deep respect for the sea and the wonder of transformation, from the raw, pounding ocean to truly refined seasoning.” Adds Senior Designer Priscila Grassi, “Spending a day harvesting the salt ourselves gave us unique insight into the visceral nature of the process; being out there in the sun, the wind and the ocean inspired us to create a bold, elemental design that takes you right to the heart of it’.



Creative Director Adam Walko explains, “The logo was given a renewed authority and the pack became focused around a raw yet sophisticated expression of water transforming into salt – a visual tool that could be adapted to tell other parts of the story as needed.” The brand’s core color palette was intensified to express the purpose and potential in each flavor and the tone of voice was simplified to reflect the focus of the client CEO and Founder, Steven Judelson, using only four words to tell the entire story. Senior Account Manager for the design firm was Kate Dell’Aquila.