Sagmeister & Walsh Automate Fugue Logo


Fugue automates the creation, operations, and regeneration of cloud infrastructure. The company asked Sagmeister & Walsh to design a brand that visualizes the concept of ephemerality — the software replaces the need for maintenance of long-lived components in the cloud with automated regeneration of short-lived ones — and to move the identity away from typical “tech” graphics.



The solution is a logo that works like the software does: it constantly regenerates itself while data moves from one point to another. Since the company is about regeneration and evolution, the designers also developed an application that allows Fugue to import any SVG file so that when they import a line drawing the app automatically generates it in the same language of the logo.






The user can then alter the size, speed and density to increase clarity or create specific styles of animations, and there is also a drawing function to draw abstract visuals in the Fugue language using a tablet device. In a bow to the name’s reference to musical composition, the software can also load any music from a users library; the logo speed and pace alters to reflect the beat of the music at trade shows, in demos, or online as animations.