Snoopy Sidelined In New MetLife Branding

 MetLife has launched its new global brand platform under the tagline “MetLife. Navigating life together.” The brand is intended to underscore the insurance company’s role as a trusted partner to customers as they navigate life’s twists and turns and includes an updated visual identity, logo and tagline. This will mark the most significant change to the MetLife brand in over 30 years.
 Prophet is credited with the design work, and explains that the new branding is built around a clean, modern aesthetic. The new brandmark brings contemporary blue and green colors together in a symbol of partnership to form an M, with the company name presented in black. The familiar MetLife blue carries forth the brand’s legacy, but has been brightened and now lives alongside a green to represent life, renewal and energy. A broader brand palette expands to include a range of vibrant secondary colors.


As the company moves in this new direction, Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang are being phased out. Global Chief Marketing Officer Esther Lee explains that, while the Snoopy characters were added to make the company “friendly and approachable” now, 30 years later, “being friendly and approachable isn’t enough. What [consumers] are looking for, from a company like ours, is a partnership to really help them navigate some of these important times in their lives.”




The MetLife brand refresh will involve all customer touch points from the website to customer service to its sales process to ensure a more focused, simplified interaction.  The design is now live across mobile, social and web properties and an advertising campaign in major newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, the  Washington Post have begun, with broadcast coming in December.