Southern Comfort Looks Comfortable

Southern Comfort liquor is rolling out a global branding and packaging campaign created by Austin TX creative agency Helms Workshop. The two-year effort has seen the company, led by founder Christian Helms, develop the rebrand around the idea of the spirit being a “category of one” instead of trying to fit into the marketplace alongside the whiskey brands it had competed with over the years. “The goal was getting across the idea that Southern Comfort is different from everyone else,” says Helms. “Through the years the brand had chased a lot of trends and with this campaign they were ready to be who they were … That spirit of authenticity is universal, and won’t fade with momentary trends.” Among the changes are a new bottle shape, but one that retained the fluted shoulders that have been part of the brand. Of the work, Helms told The Dieline: “The new package feels like Southern Comfort being confident and comfortable with itself. It moves past old south imagery and sheds ornate filigree in favor of clear and direct communication.”

Souther Comfort: Before and After the Redesign
Southern Comfort: Before and After the Redesign