Squat New York Helps Quinoa Cereal ‘Pop’ Off Shelves

Pereg Natural Foods is a family-owned company that has been in the business for over 100 years, specializing in over 60 varieties of gourmet food products. The latest addition to their lineup of ancient grains is this heart-healthy quinoa cereal — Quinoa Pops — a unique twist to the protein-packed powerhouse available in four fluffy  flavors.  Squat New York designed the packaging using “bubbly, eye-catching colors to match the delicious sweet flavors and playful crunch.”



Creative Director Shiri Kornowski notes that designing for a product that had never existed before was a particular challenge, but also left ample room for creative freedom. “Our process,” says Kornowski, “started with a strategic approach including the product positioning … We wanted to design the packaging in such a way that would properly convey the various ways the Pops could be used just by looking at it on the shelf – creating this visceral feeling of interaction with the product before even consuming it. We wanted the package to reflect feeling of joy while eating the cereal; touching upon all five senses especially taste … To match the delicious sweet flavors and playful crunch of the Pops, we worked with plenty of different color chips to find the perfect shade. We got our hands on the psychology of color… We created unique patterns that would appropriately express each flavor of Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Original. Next comes combining these colors with illustrations such as a real strawberry or a chocolate bar to further enhance the consumer’s understanding of the actual flavor. It also allows consumers to know what to expect from the Pops flavor-wise.


“When we designed the typeface and logo, we used a cursive calligraphy technique to represent movement – something that is always in motion. Using blind embossing and elevated paper texture, we created the font to look three-dimensional so when people touch it, they can feel that it’s raised – a true “pop!” effect. Along with the font, we took things a step further by adding explosive lines and floating polka dots around it to add depth to the overall feel. These finishing touches evoke a playful look that make the Quinoa Pops truly pop out on store shelves.”