The Colonel Is Back At KFC

He’s baaaaack! After a 21-year break, KFC has brought back Colonel Sanders, its founder and brand mascot, to celebrate 75 years since the fast-food chain’s secret fried chicken recipe was created.  The agency behind the resurrection is Wieden + Kennedy, and The Colonel is played by actor, comedian, and former Saturday Night Live regular Daryl Hammond. Hammond says that “KFC is paying me in chicken.”



The brand refresh also includes new packaging, new menu items, a new, a “reinvented” Colonel Sanders website (which gives the history of the Colonel) and an updated restaurant design rolling out nationwide during the remainder of 2015. KFC has continued to grow, having dropped the overt reference to “fried” in its name while adding healthier food options. But it is now said to be faced with a “flock” of competitors with such as Chick-fil-A, Popeyes and even the Chipotle option.