Two Things: Every Sneaker Tell A Story

Over the course of the past four years, Two Things, a creative agency founded by ex Wieden + Kennedy’s Paulo Ribeiro, has been working alongside Founder and Principal Phil Marineau to introduce Novella, a premium sneaker brand built around stories. Every Novella sneaker is meant to tell a story using thoughtful designs, original colors, distinct materials, and superior craftsmanship. As such, each sneaker is individually numbered. The stories are inspired by unique artists and the  artisan-inspired sneakers are available exclusively via their website 



Two Things was involved with the creation of the brand in its infancy four years ago. Their work began with the initial strategy for the company and continued into the definition of the brand, the structure for releases, identifying the artisans and working to bring the product to life. The agency is built to work with clients in moments of transformation and this project allowed them to bring a strategy to life holistically through the product and marketing.



“It’s rare for an agency to build a brand from the product up, particularly one on this level of comprehensiveness, artistry, and depth of storytelling,” said Riberio “This was a collaborative process in which strategists, creatives, artists, and designers worked together to build something beautiful and new.”