Grant’s Decca Exhibit Anything But Standard

Grant Design Collaborative choreographed Decca Contract’s NeoCon experience for 2015 in collaboration with San Francisco’s Graham Design. Neocon is the the commercial interiors industry’s premier event. The design team selected the concept “non-standard” as their theme — a term that aptly describes the essence of architecture and design practice in today’s economy where personalized solutions are the rule. This allowed the design team to highlight the client’s mix of expert craft, material luxury, and ability to scale furniture solutions. 


Beginning with a strong identity, current client selections were used to create a series of workspace narratives. With a script written for each vignette and supported by a curated suite of props, Decca’s product designs were to life with stories that placed attendees into the design solution. The showroom became a working C-Level suite with areas designated for a Creative Executive, Executive Commons, a Modern Attorney, Huddle Space, Soft Conference and Library.


Grant’s work included a range of support materials; including show advertising, press kits, walk-through packets, publicity tours, informational and identification signage, motion graphics, floral and event design, social media, website updates, digital brochures, and sales meeting digital presentations.