Dirt Matters To Affinity Creative Group

A Double Entendre For Wine Labels

Are you a “dirty minded” wine drinker? Raventós Codorníu hopes so. The global and historic producer of fine wines engaged Affinity Creative Group to devise and develop an eyebrow-raising and differentiating name, positioning, and package design for their latest California-grown wine label. Playing off the fact that dirt matters – the natural soil processes working beneath the surface of the earth, enrich and invigorate the company’s vineyards in myriad ways that ultimately lead to producing an outstanding wine drinking experience – the design team landed on the double entendre of “Dirty Minded.” Given Millennials’ and Gen Z’s penchant for honoring the environment – combining the importance of soil with a memorable and cheeky brand name – forms the expression for this new wine.


Dirty Minded Sauvignon Blanc. (PRNewsfoto/Affinity Creative Group)

The name is accompanied by a design with abstract shapes that form a silhouette. Affinity’s use of colors not only cue varietal selection but they also relate back to the brand owners’ Barcelona heritage, while delivering a strong shelf impact. The design supports a classic black brandmark with gold drop shadow, silkscreened and embossed. Mike Jackson, President, North America at Raventó Codorníu, remarks: “The Affinity team really listened and delivered the perfect balance between classic and edgy with maximum shelf presence.” Dirty Minded 2020 Sauvignon Blanc is now available, with Cabernet Sauvignon set to hit shelves in May.