Beardwood&Co Defines New Kind of Masculine Consumer

Long gone are the muscle-head days of the 1980s, yet most nutrition stores in 2016 are still filled with brands that reflect outdated versions of masculinity. At the same time, consumers have been gravitating toward more natural foods and adopting those products into daily routines. In taking stock of its natural protein supplement product Iron-Tek, Long Island NY-based Country Life recognized disconnect.

LogoTo revamp the brand, Country Life tapped Beardwood&Co for a brand “badge” or logo, a new tone of voice and personality, as well as identity design, packaging and a new website. Beardwood drew inspiration for the campaign from a classic American poster by Harold Von Schmidt that seemed to capture  the essence of Iron-Tek: a  lumberjack working hard toward a greater cause with natural strength and determination. For Iron-Tek and Beardwood, this communicated to a “new kind of masculine consumer” and a new take on Americana. Rather than distribute to traditional nutrition stores, the new look Iron-Tek is currently being rolled out to Whole Foods and natural grocers, throughout the country.



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