Buddies Cheer El Patio Beer

Design agency quench was tasked with creating a visual identity for upstart brewery Newfangled and its full suite of products. Known for its quirky, modern, fun, and laid-back atmosphere, Newfangled sees itself as an anchor where friends, neighbors and locals enjoy new takes on traditional beer recipes. Its inaugural beer, El Patio, is meant to be enjoyed where relaxation and sunshine meet. Additionally, the packaging needed to help establish and differentiate Newfangled Brew Works as makers craft beers without pretense

To invoke the essence of togetherness, the Harrisburg PA-based agency combined text and visuals to portray the memories often shared over a summer beer and, more specifically, two buddies “cheersing” each other as the sun sets in front of them. According to Executive Creative Director Bill Starkey, the packaging captures vibrant colors, sunsets and friends enjoying casual beverages on a patio. He says: “We are giddy with what we helped craft here, and beyond proud of it — notably what we did with El Patio and the emotive, inspiring and alluring nature of it.” In addition to Starkey, creative credits go to Creative Director Jay Delutis, Designer Courtney Polidoro, and Copywriter Michael Deegan.