Capsule Treats Client To Halloween Brand

A Halloween story inspired by the return of tricks for treats, The Sugar Goblin storybook and toy needed brand and design thinking to bring the story and concept to life for retailers and consumers.


Initially, Capsule partnered with The Sugar Goblin simply to create packaging that would contain the storybook and toy, but the project grew to include many aspects of the brand messaging and visual language – these elements inspired and informed the ideation of The Sugar Goblin story design, identity and, of course, packaging.


The Minneapolis-based design firm developed a playful package to coordinate with the brand personality and identified packaging materials that would decrease the overall cost of the package.  The outcome is intended to express the essence of a playful Sugar Goblin exchanging lighthearted tricks for Halloween treats and, in the process, helping to reduce a bit of candy consumption.


To help bring The Sugar Goblin story into retail, Capsule was also tasked with creating a tightly edited but inspirational sales presentation materials including a custom cover and presentation book with The Sugar Goblin visual language, tone and voice. The Sugar Goblin can now be found on the shelves of Creative Kidstuff and online at Founders and creators are Michael and Crystal Boyle.