Craft Beer Branding Guide Available Now

NEENAH Packaging has partnered with CODO Design to publish the Craft Beer Branding Guide: A step-by-step guide to branding your brewery, telling your story and selling a helluva lot of beer. The book is free and available now.

The Backstory

Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague, founders of CODO Design, have worked with breweries all over the country on their branding, packaging, web design, and marketing. After years of working in the field they decided to gather their insights and learnings and create an online resource for people to use… for free. And thus, the online Craft Beer Branding Guide was born.


“Through the course of our work, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of breweries about their business plans, hopes, dreams and favorite beers. And through the course of these conversations, more often than not, we find ourselves not only explaining how important branding is, but also how to approach it strategically and with a deeper sense of purpose. This led to the development of the Branding Guide. We saw it as a way to outline the key challenges breweries face through the branding process, and help those who may not know how to develop their story, or even what that story is,” says Arthur.

The Partnership

Ellen Bliske, Senior Brand Manager, NEENAH Packaging, visited the site and immediately saw an opportunity to partner with CODO to create the printed version. “New breweries are opening at a rate greater than one per day in the US. Simply brewing great beer doesn’t mean your brand will stand out at shelf in this rapidly expanding market. So we approached CODO with the idea to print and publish this tool, and make it available — for free — for brewers, brand owners, and designers who are entering or specializing in this market. We are thrilled with the result of the collaboration. Whether you are defining your brand values, developing your marketing strategy, or even selecting your brand’s name, the Craft Beer Branding Guide takes a look at every step from a branding perspective,” said Bliske.

The availability of the guide coincides with the launch of NEENAH Packaging’s expansion of its BELLA® Label Papers line, some of which are featured as real life samples in the book. The uncoated natural feel of BELLA provides an authentic, hand crafted look, helping brands create a distinct and compelling presence on shelf.


Inside the Craft Beer Branding Guide

The 106-page Craft Beer Branding Guide is a perfect bound book with 18 chapters full of experienced wisdom, thoughtful questions and considerations for the craft brewer along with, photos, illustrations and how-to’s for branding, differentiating, and marketing to the discerning craft beer market.

Also included are actual beer label samples printed on BELLA® Label Papers. BELLA Labels are designed to be reliable during production, and stunning on shelf. The consistency of this label paper’s excellent print performance delivers a strong brand message throughout the consumer’s engagement with the brand.

The book’s cover features the first commercial use of the newly introduced CLASSIC CREST® Cover Imperial Red Smooth, and the text pages are printed 4/color on CLASSIC CREST Text Avalanche White.