Denomination Rebrand Signals Sweet Success

Castello de Poggio has a fresh rebrand by drinks design specialist Denomination to help it compete with challenger brands within the sweet wine and Italian sectors. To achieve this, Denomination has made a virtue of Castello del Poggio’s genuine Italian heritage, driving home the quality of the wines with appropriate design cues. The brand mark and crest are now contained within a shield. The crest has been redrawn to hero the ‘castello,’ which appears on the label and is embossed on the shoulder of the bottle. Black and white illustrations of flowers, which represent the flavor profiles of each of the wines, appear on the labels and capsules. And the color palette across the range has been adjusted to modernize and achieve stand-out. Rowena Curlewis, CEO, Denomination, says: “The illustrative style has provided a strong foundation for the brand to express itself, not only on pack, but also off pack. This creates a strong set of visual brand assets that will become a recognizable sign of Italian quality for years to come.”