Detailed Dandy Graces Johnnie Walker Packaging

Earlier this year, Johnnie Walker introduced a new logo designed by London-based Bloom and has integrated the more detailed iteration of the walking man symbol into packaging and point-of-sale, and has now introduced a major brand and advertising campaign created by Anomaly in 50 countries at the same time.


Bloom officials note that “the new look was inspired by the charm and elegance of the dandy. We worked with illustrator Gary Redford, whose timeless style is the perfect fit for the brand.”  The campaign theme is “Joy Will Take You Further” which refers to the brand’s famous “Keep Walking” campaign and represents a new perspective on personal progress. Based on new insights into how success is viewed by consumers today, it brings to life the concept that joy can be a catalyst to the progress they seek, and promoters the idea that finding joy in the journey is part of the recipe for success. Brand ambassador ads include Formula One World Champion and McLaren Honda driver Jenson Button, Oscar-nominated actor Jude Law, Chinese actor Zhao Wei, US rock band OK Go and Mexican supermodel Montserrat Oliver among others.





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