Die-Cut Teardrop Strengthens Label System

Nestled in the historic Baker neighborhood, Denver Distillery had a loyal following but a relatively weak label system for their range of spirits. Known for its use of local ingredients and craftsmanship, the distillery asked the O Street studio to help reflect these values. O Street redrew the distillery’s “overly-digitized” logo to match a sculpted iron version that appears in the distillery, specified typography suited to the distillery’s historic working-class neighborhood, and designed a suite of logo lockups with an appropriate feel.


The client indicated a deep interested in the stories and art that define the human condition and experience, so O Street also drew a multitude of illustrations based in lore and legends to pair with each spirit.


To visually unify the products, the design team developed a die-cut teardrop label shape which adds a consistent and familiar shape across the entire range to give the distillery “a visual sense of bravado and quality reflected in their spirits.”