Domino’s New UK Pizza Boxes

In the newest work from jones knowles ritchie, the branding and design agency has given Domino‘s delivery boxes a colorful refresh, bringing the pizza brand’s logo to life in a new, more sharable box. Launching in the UK, the fresh design moves away from the simpler cardboard delivery box and creates a more recognizable packaging that consumers can engage with. Coming out of agency research of the brand, where they discovered that 96% of all Domino’s pizzas sold in the UK are as a pair, jkr decided to create a more sharable box. The agency also took Domino’s name as inspiration, transforming the logo into the packaging itself, helping the brand to celebrate its uniqueness in its own identity. All unnecessary information that once inhabited the packaging has been stripped down to a solid red or blue, that once put together, resembles a domino. Lee Rolston, Global Strategy Director at jkr, explains, “We took cues from Domino’s catchy name, distinctive logo and sense of fun, and created a bold, simple design which makes the logo the hero, and issues an open invitation to consumers to play and share.”