Gerber Baby Makes Comeback

Gerber is bringing back the original black-and-white sketch of the Gerber baby logo as part of a package design update and to help celebrate its 90th anniversary. The sketch, done as part of a Gerber-sponsored contest by artist Dorothy Hope Smith, was a simple charcoal sketch of a tousle-haired cherub of a baby with pursed lips.


According to company CMO Aileen Stocks, the original logo  has stood the test of time and remained relatively unchanged over the years because it simply conveys “a healthy, happy baby” to moms and other caregivers. Gerber is now owned by Nestlé and, though still a major player in the baby food market, has seen its share decline in the past decade. The real “Gerber baby” — Ann Turner Cook — who also recently celebrated her 90th birthday — returned for an anniversary event as well.