Goose Island Beer Remains Focused On The Craft

In celebration of its 30th Anniversary, Goose Island Beer Co. is brewing special variants of their most beloved beers. This includes a dry-hopped version of 312 Wheat Ale, to be released in a limited edition 16oz can. VSA Partners designed the can with a new visual interpretation of the urban textures that they originally introduced as part of the brewery’s overall packaging redesign in 2014. The bold, stripped down design is intended to underscore that, decades after introducing craft beer to Chicago, Goose Island remains focused on the craft and nothing else – with a philosophy that “if you brew great beer, tomorrow will take care of itself.” Agency credits include Josh Witherspoon, Executive Creative Director; Timothy White, Executive Creative Director; Jimi Geiyer, Senior Designer; Mike Walsh, Client Engagement Director; and Kerri Marshall, Project Manager.