Haagen-Dazs Embraces Scandanavian Simplicity

To better connect Haagen-Dazs with today’s young consumers, design studio Love revisited the brand’s roots and discovered a rich story of  American emigre turned entrepreneur obsessed with quality ingredients and the old world elegance of Scandinavian design. Love followed that path, reintroducing Scandanavian design principles of simplicity, elegance, balance, and proportion for an overdue update to the packaging.



The agency commissioned artists from around the world to represent the flavor experience of each product; over 50 versions were developed, art directed and drawn resulting in bespoke art for each flavor. In the spirit of improved brand recognition, Love simplified the iconic logo from a two color version to an elegant “mono burgundy” color that, among other things, makes it a better fit for Instagram. The packaging rebrand includes ice cream pints and mini cups, stickbars, crispy sandwiches, frozen yogurts and sorbets.