Happy Dirt Brand Makes ‘Organic’ Approachable

When Happy Dirt, an organic produce wholesaler, approached The Republik to create a marketing strategy, brand identity, go-to-market plan, and a social media platform for their seemingly endless variety of fruits and vegetables, they decided to dig in. Republik Chief Executive Officer, Robert Shaw West explains, “It seems like we are all trying to eat healthier. Yet, produce labels and claims can be downright confusing and even intimidating — especially for those of us new to organics. So as Eastern Carolina Organics (or ECO) outgrew their name geographically, we saw an opportunity to cut through the confusion and be a beacon for organic farming.”


West continues: “We created an identity system that would not only stand out, but also make the idea of organic more approachable by turning nature’s own heroes into messengers. So everything that you buy in the produce aisle becomes a small part of the story.” Additionally, working with Happy Dirt’s President and COO Randall Diers and CEO Sandi Kronick, The Republik created packaging, visuals for delivery trucks, point of sale, and promotional items all led by a team of animated characters that included Earth Angel, Flower Power, Love Bug, Sugar Daddy and Superfly.

Raleigh, N.C.-based The Republik is an employee-owned advertising/branding agency whose clients include Voltari (electric boat), Axolotl (surfacing), Happy Dirt (organic produce), Dilworth Coffee, and Regency Centers (shopping centers).