Lea Carey Illustrates Zaddy’s Cans

Zaddy’s, a new gin-based, low-alcohol, ready-to-drink, canned cocktail company founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, is introducing three new drinks which seek to bridge the gap between hard seltzer and canned cocktail, with the health-conscious drinker in mind. Zaddy Benham, co-founder of Zaddy’s says, “We couldn’t find any of our favorite gin cocktails in cans, so we decided to create versions of them in artful recyclable packaging unlike anything else we’ve seen in the category.”


Co-founder, Colleen Hochberger, studied art and worked in the art world prior to starting Zaddy’s and is responsible for overseeing the branding and package design of the cans. She selected illustrator Lea Carey to create the labels, which are easily removable so the cans can be recycled. Carey, a Bay Area native, created original fine-line illustrations influenced by the Northern California environment for the 3 different cans. The company notes that their 4-pack carriers are made from paperboard packaging that is biodegradable.