NEENAH Packaging Helps Beauty Brands Shine

From Tatcha’s gold infused lip balm and Stila’s Magnificent Metals eyeshadow to Kat Von D’s prismatic shades made from refractive pearls, it’s clear that shimmer and shine are continuing to trend and evolve at the beauty counters. Also continuing to make big waves is the packaging that houses the magical products inside.


Taking inspiration from our inherent love of all things shimmery, NEENAH Packaging has introduced new Pearlized Folding Board into its portfolio. This new board is stocked in the classic shade of PEARL that instantly adds a luminescence to any package design, but the real beauty is in the customization. NEENAH can create virtually any color a brand manager or designer is looking to achieve. “With custom colors, finishes, sheet sizes, and a library of unique embossing patterns available, the options are essentially limitless for any brand looking to adhere to color consistency guidelines, match a hot new lipstick shade, or create packaging for special releases,” said Diane Marchionna, Brand Manager, NEENAH Packaging.


NEENAH infuses the paper’s coating with two different mica particles in two different sizes. This allows for a better distribution span on the surface, and the larger particles create a brighter shine on the sheet.


“It’s much easier for designers to start with a shimmer backdrop than to try to create that through printing. Our goal was to create that base that instantly adds a layer of luxury and glam to any package, allowing the creative teams to take it to the next level with design,” says Marchionna.

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From the new Pearl shade to a deep black, all NEENAH® Folding Board papers are dyed through. This means that the signature brand color and package design won’t be visually interrupted by unsightly, white cut lines — further elevating the premium status of the package.


This paperboard is engineered to perform on both offset and digital presses. Not many other products on the market are this universal. Typically papers have to be specially treated to perform on digital presses, but once treated they won’t perform on offset presses. NEENAH’S Pearlized Folding Board also beautifully accepts specialty techniques such as metallic foils and embossing.


“The options to reflect a brand’s unique characteristics are now more extensive than ever,” said Marchionna. “We strive to continually bring brand owners and package designers a steady stream of new creative options to help express their brand’s unique persona.”


NEW C1S Pearl is stocked in 16pt and 18pt and is featured in the refreshed NEENAH Folding Board swatchbook.

To order a sample, select “Folding Board” in the NEENAH Packaging Sample Selector. Then, choose the NEENAH Folding Board, Pearl swatch.