Pearlfisher Branding Taps ‘Inner Super Human’

A new technology-driven fitness training program, Body20, utilizes an FDA-cleared electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) suit to deliver isolated muscle vibrations coordinated with a 20-minute 1-on-1 personalized exercise program, producing results in rapid time. Pearlfisher partnered with Body20 to help them make a name for themselves as they expand across the US by creating a visual identity system and brand world that expresses the concept and benefit of the technology-enhanced training program.



“We looked to humanize the technology behind Body20 through our bold and telegraphic design to deliver emotional inspiration and validation rather than just explain the details of the exercise program and process,” Hamish Campbell, VP Executive Creative Director explains. “We wanted to make sure we painted a picture around the idea that Body20 empowers your inner Super Human which inspired our brand strategy and essence, ‘EVERY.BODY.UNLEASHED’, awakening a strength you didn’t know you had to reveal a version of yourself you didn’t think possible.”



With custom cuts contained in the logo to communicate the brand’s technical performance, an orange and blue color palette to reflect the human body’s exertion from the workout, and a visual style that deliberately demonstrates movement through multiple exposures, the brand design seeks to establish the energy and effectiveness of Body20.  Motion blur and secondary brand colors are used to emphasize the benefits of exercise. The identity’s details have been rolled out to Body20’s physical locations as well.