Pet Food Packaging Eyes Link To Ancestral Past

Brighton Agency of St. Louis MO is helping to introduce a new line of pet food for Mars, called Crave, that is described as “Ancestral,” a high protein offering that borrows from what animals eat in the wild. The packaging focuses on the eyes of the animal, putting the connection of the dog and its ancestors, the wolf, in focus. The same idea follows with the wild cat.


To provide an even sharper focus, the eyes are framed by jagged ripped paper. Explains Creative Director J.D. Guenther: “The eyes are the windows of the soul, it is said, so we thought that by emphasizing their brightness and making them pop on the package, the product itself would be disruptive on the shelf and draw the consumer to the product.” The project also included an 84-page brand book that articulates how to tell the brand story across all channels.