Pruett: Using Packaging To Drive Brand Expertise

By Lisa Pruett, President, Packaging Solutions, Forms and Labels at RRD

The way consumers interact with brands is continuously changing. Within a crowded marketplace, it’s critical for brands to work with packaging suppliers that can help deliver tangible consumer connections to boost brand equity. Whether the purpose is basic product protection, product differentiation, or shelf appeal, packaging is critical to a brand’s experience. By leveraging package design and expertise from a company such as RRD, a leading global provider of marketing and business communications, brands can better engage with consumers.

Backed by decades of experience with multiple manufacturing sites dedicated to packaging, RRD enables organizations to optimize marketing and business efforts. From primary to secondary packaging, we are uniquely capable of helping brands bring products to every shelf and channel. And by using a wide array of materials with specialty finishing and smart packaging capabilities, we optimize product presentation, brand continuity, sustainability, and cost efficiency for our clients. We deliver everything from a full packaging concept with strategic engineering and a well-established delivery structure, to creative services such as structural and graphic design, asset management, and prepress services. We not only help manufacturers optimize print runs to improve profit margins, we help them to better connect with their consumers.

Connecting with Core Audiences

Every product’s journey deserves customized, protective packaging worthy of its brand. It takes an expert with unmatched resources and experience to address brand priorities related to both cost effectiveness and customer appeal. In fact, there are three main ways packaging can help better engage consumers.

  1. Achieving brand consistency: Packaging can deliver greater brand consistency when designed strategically. Consistent branding brings identity to the forefront across all channels whether it is from folding cartons to labels to e-commerce shippers. When procuring direct materials from multiple vendors, this can translate to inconsistencies in print production and paper stock. For example, an emerging national skincare brand turned to RRD after employing multiple vendors, resulting in color inconsistency that took away positive equity from the premium nature of the brand. Seeking a partner that could manage color across all products and engineer new packaging structures for a growing product line, we were able to improve packaging uniformity for more consistent quality and create a more inviting customer experience, in addition to streamlining their procurement process.
  2. Creating a rewarding packaging experience: Additionally, brands can retain customer loyalty by rewarding consumers with unboxing experiences. In fact, according to a study conducted by Ipsos,  even before the pandemic, 72% of American consumers agreed that the design of a product’s packaging often influenced their purchasing decision. Our solutions are designed to bring maximum impact and enable brand managers and marketers to build a unique and memorable presentation around a product, service, or relationship. By working closely with brand owners, we’re able to design the customer experience from the ground up, from design conception, material and substrate exploration, to graphical expression.
  3. Resonating with eco-conscious consumers: For companies leaning into sustainability, paperboard packaging brings the opportunity to support a brand’s green promise. According to a report by McKinsey, more than 60% of consumers go out of their way to recycle and purchase products in environmentally-friendly packaging. Innovations like RRD’s patented Flex Mailer™ package can help brands make more sustainable choices, allowing them to save on mailing and shipping costs while enhancing the customer experience. It’s an ideal mailing package designed for retail, pharma, nutraceuticals, food and beverage, cosmetics, health and beauty aids, or higher education applications. The Flex Mailer is also 100% recyclable and enables greater product transit safety compared to standard mailers or traditional polybag options.

The Key to Success: Partnering with a Strategic Packaging Supplier

While packaging can help brands better engage with consumers through maintaining brand consistency across all products, offering a rewarding or luxurious experience, and balancing sustainability, working with a knowledgeable supplier is key to accomplishing this feat. It’s essential to partner with a strategic packaging provider. Understanding the pivotal role packaging plays in the consumer experience, our packaging expertise and scale at RRD enables brands to leave a lasting impression.

To successfully use packaging to create a better customer experience, work with experienced suppliers like RRD. Learn more about the company’s packaging expertise at