Rockstar Unplugged Features Groove Shape

An Energy Drink For Kicking Back

PepsiCo’s Rockstar Energy Drink unveils a new kind of energy drink “Rockstar Unplugged.” Rockstar Unplugged moves beyond caffeine-only beverages that focus on giving consumers energy and encourages them to enjoy an energy drink when they want to unwind. The campaign for the new drink is called Turn Up Your Mood.  The package design by Pepsi Design & Innovation is unique from other Rockstar Energy products with a can featuring colorful “groove shape” illustrations symbolizing aura, music, and energy. These shapes swirl and expand from the iconic Rockstar star across the 12oz slim cans. Mood and music are visually communicated in every aspect of the campaign. As part of the launch, Rockstar Energy Drink is announcing a new partnership with MTV’s iconic and groundbreaking music series MTV Unplugged. Details are still to be confirmed, but the MTV Unplugged music series plans to kick off with a live concert in Los Angeles CA, with subsequent events planned for other cities.