Rule29 Builds Coffee House Brand From Ground Up

Working with new Glen Ellyn IL coffee house, Blackberry Market, allowed creative agency Rule29 to influence a brand from the ground up. Starting with the identity, Rule29 created a logo and print materials that reflect the community-centric “by-hand” atmosphere. Colorful stickers turn ordinary packaging into fanciful food delivery devices, while clear labels printed with white opaque ink allow the restaurant’s signature cold brew coffee to entice patrons.



Collaborating with an interior designer and using natural, textural elements, the agency helped create a space and color plan that sets the tone for a warm, inviting and eclectic experience. Bright pops of chartreuse make for a unique accent color against the brand’s deep violet hue, while swirling circle patterns echo the logomark. The market’s new easy-to-navigate website brings their food and atmosphere to the forefront with large background images of the space and menu items.