Social Media-Driven Fitness Brand Jumps To Target Stores

Kick has partnered with Tone It Up, a California-based online fitness and lifestyle community, to bring their social media-driven brand to life on a full line of fitness equipment hitting Target® shelves this month. Tone It Up and its founders Karena and Katrina have an online following of millions with their California beach-vibe and female empowerment message. To extend the brand instore, the challenge was to translate the strong social media and online brand into packaging that represented and extended the brand and could stand-out on shelf (vs. just online) and compete with big fitness equipment competitors within Target.


Kick recognized the importance of the founders’ personalities, as well as the California aspirational lifestyle and beachy imagery, and brought these elements together in the package design. In addition to envy-inducing beach photography, every package features workout tips and encouragement to lead a healthy lifestyle. Every design reinforces the company philosophy, and all are in trendy colors “so every InstaGram selfie is on point.” Comments Kick co-founder and executive creative director Stefan Hartung: “Understanding what the client is doing online and on social media, who they are and what makes them successful with so many women was key to success. We were able to translate a digital platform brand to an instore experience without losing a step.”