Sunset Farms Labels: Prestigious Look and Feel

GDUSA is publishing a series of stories on our favorite recent package designs, inspired by the Idea Shop by Neenah, a resource to help creatives effectively use paper-based materials to reimagine dynamic and effective solutions.

“I create a lot of labels for small local breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries and homebrews,” says graphic designer Erik Borreson. “Sometimes companies can produce a diverse set of beverages (in this case, glogg and cider). The challenge for the Sunset Farms project was giving each beverage label its own distinct look and feel, while also ensuring it appeared to fit within the larger family of all beverages.”

Each beverage has assigned colors: festive colors for glogg and fall colors for cider. Additionally, the label paper had to be usable across beverage types so Borreson used Neenah’s ESTATE LABEL® Papers No. 4 White Laid 60 lb. which, he says, helps gives each beverage a prestigious look and feel.

And what does it mean for future labels? “When others are needed (such as for beer or spirits), we’ll be able to easily execute this design across beverage types, so every addition feels part of the family,” explains Borreson.